The Problem

Over a billion children are impacted by poverty, disease, pollution, climate change, war & conflict, exploitation and racism around the world. Their voices are not being heard.

Covid is estimated to have made the situation 20% worse. Charities around the world are disparate, communicate little and are often competitive. They require the help of the media and creative industries to create a global communications campaign to maximize social good.

The Solution

The Listen Campaign: Celebrating Solutions to Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Children’s Problems.

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The Listen Collectibles Auction & Shop

The first digital collectibles platform with an integrated pipeline of NFTs from Star Creative Artists and the best of Citizen Artists from around the world.

From legendary producer Tony Hollingsworth — the man behind historic global issue campaigns including the “Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute Archive” and “The Wall Live in Berlin”- The Tribute Archive NFT Collection memorializes moments from the world’s most historic live performances.

The Listen Token

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Only Token holders have the right to:

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What makes these NFTs Social Impact?

Sales of the NFTs raise funds for The Listen Campaign

Artists are creating, curating and promoting content for The Listen Campaign.

"Listen is inviting the world to change the lives of millions of children forever."
- Samuel L Jackson

The Listen Campaign is the first global annual media campaign designed to help 1 billion vulnerable and disadvantaged children around the world. It is a unique, annual and global star-studded campaign supported by the greatest creative artists from music, film and the arts. 80 stars from the US, and 20 each from Africa, India, MENA and Latin America.

“ The Listen campaign and the Auction & Shop site will go on for years to come helping the world's vulnerable and disadvantaged children and delivering benefits to token holders. ”

Tony Hollingsworth